The conference will take place in the very centre of Belgrade, at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Address: Čika-Ljubina 18-20


Here are some suggestions for your accommodation during your stay in Belgrade:

We recommend Hostel 360º for its prices and location (three minutes walking distance from the conference venue). Hostel 360º is an official conference sponsor and, therefore, reservations can also be made via conference organizers.

Hostel Belgrade and Hostel Skadarlija Sunrise are within walking distance from the conference location.

Hostel in and Hostel Slow are not far from the conference location and the city centre; however public transport is required.


The official currency of the Republic of Serbia are dinars, approximately 1 euro= 120 dinars.


Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla is located 18 kilometres from the city centre. The following means of transportation are available:

  • taxi service: TAXI INFO desk, located in the baggage reclaim area.
  • bus: Line 72 from the airport to the stop “Zeleni Venac” in the city centre. *Ticket prices for one ride: 89 dinars (if bought in a kiosk), 150 dinars (if bought in the bus). There is also a possibility of buying time-limited tickets if you need to change transportation.
  • Approximate travel time is 30-40 minutes.


About Belgrade

Belgrade (meaning: White City) is the capital of Serbia. With the suburban areas it has  about 1.7 million inhabitants. It is an old city, called Singidunum in Roman times, situated on the confluence of the Danube and the Sava river. On the Danube was not only the border of the Roman Empire, but also of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire and Kingdom, hence, different architectural styles characterise the two parts of Belgrade which belonged to each empire respectively.

You can find the main attractions of Belgrade and much more information about city life on the following links:

We wish you a pleasant stay in Belgrade!